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About Us

Empower businesses to grow revenues, increase customer engagement, and enhance brand equity by targeting and communicating more effectively with their customers, and even employees.

We are experts in Mobile Engagement

Mobile technology has evolved over the years and currently encompasses a wide range of solutions. It is our responsibility to understand the benefits and limitations of the different mobile solutions in the marketplace. Some work GREAT and some...well, not so much!

We offer extensive knowledge of SMS (text messaging), MMS (multimedia messaging), mobile web, mobile apps, location based marketing, digital kiosks, short codes, long codes, industry compliance and much more.

Our thorough experience and knowledge of Carrier and TCPA compliance ensures that your mobile strategy adheres to the carriers' best practices and guidelines.

We help you develop a comprehensive mobile engagement strategy to augment your existing marketing initiatives, including loyalty rewards and marketing automation campaigns that is custom tailored for your needs and your customers' expectations.

Why us?

We have generated incremental revenues for several retailers while helping them increase their brand awareness amongst their local community. We execute the mobile campaigns, measure results using extensive data analysis, and enhance the campaign strategies to continuously increase revenues for our clients, as well as increase their timely communication and marketing messaging initiatives. We use the best in class SaaS providers to offer our clients a diverse portfolio of industry leading marketing communication tools. Our robust software systems provide seamless target marketing and communications capabilities with comprehensive descriptive and predictive analytics reports.

What do we do?

For retailers, we utilize predictive analytics to help with forecasting sales, and strategies to outperform the predictions, by enhancing target marketing. In short, determining, 'who' is likely to purchase 'what' products and 'when' are they likely to make those purchases. We know 'when' to reach out, in order to bring the most purchasers and maximize the CAC and ROI. Our process involves assessing the existing business model and communication strategies, defining opportunities that exist within the mobile channel, and developing a comprehensive plan of action to drive ROI and increase efficiency for the organization.


Our AI solutions have helped retailers consistently outperform sales targets, month after month, between 26% and 35%, and profit margins between 6% to 8%, when compared to the same time periods, before the pandemic. The accuracy of market segmentation and target marketing continues to grow by 11%. The contribution to our clients' revenues from their VIP and loyalty rewards customers has increased from 20% to 28%.

Mobile Engagement Solutions

Target Marketing using Mobile Marketing

Instantly reach out to best customers - and even your staff - with promotions & event notifications. 98% of all texts are read within the first 5 minutes - 90% in the first 3 minutes. It is simply the most effective form of electronic communication.

Loyalty Rewards Solution

Your VIP Loyalty Rewards tablet is customized for you, illustrating media of your offerings and inviting your customers to enroll and become a VIP! Enrollment takes a few seconds. There are no cards to carry, no apps to download, no barcodes to scan! Your customers enter their phone number to enroll, and re-enter it with each purchase to get closer to their next reward.

Marketing Automation using AI

Your Customer Engagement Solution automatically targets and launches personalized text campaigns including promotions, rewards reminders, referral program, and new product and service notification to multiple customers personas. And as your database grows, The Artificial Intelligence engine automatically makes recommendations on future text campaigns.


Performance Metrics & Analytics

Log-in and access your web-portal from anywhere with an Internet access. Our experts will provide an ongoing analysis of your mobile campaigns and programs. We'll dissect your strategy to determine what worked well and what can be done differently to ensure it works better!

NEW! Get automatic sentiment analysis of your customer reviews from your reputation management sites (e.g. Yelp) using the Sharp Digits machine learning artificial intelligence engine developed by Mobile Ties exclusively for it's clients


With valuable industry insight and experience, our experts provide valuable guidance to ensure your mobile communications adhere to Federal guidelines and industry best practices.

Proactive Support

You are not just signing up for a system, you are hiring a mobile marketing strategist. In addition to helping you design and execute a mobile strategy, our team PROACTIVELY provides comprehensive recommendations and support every step of the way.


System Features

SMS & Text Alerts
MMS Messaging
Mobile Coupons
Mobile Surveys
Mobile Trivia
Text to Win
Digital Kiosks
Text Reminders
Text to Screen
Pics to Screen
Text to Pledge
Web Forms
Emergency Alerts
Custom APIs
Mobile Web
Mobile Apps
Short Codes
Long Codes

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